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Your best Taipei local laundry and dry-clean service provider

California Dryclean in Taipei was first established in 1996. We are committed to provide all our customers with detailed quality laundry and dry-clean service. We are one of the biggest dry-cleaners in Taipei metropolitan area, and our experience ensures very competitive pricing. We look forward to exceed the maximum professionalism and excellence at your service.

Largest service area coverage among the competitors

CALDRY has the fastest and most consistent dry-clean logistics with the largest area coverage in the urban Taipei area. We provide service to our local neighborhood with consistency and quality assurance at all of our shops. Over the years, our dedication of “door-to-door” business, on-site pickup, and on-time delivery straightly between DC and your locations, has been a success over other competition. Now our services are expanding even beyond Tao-Yuan. We are succeeding with the support and partnership from our major consumers including:

‧ Taishin International Bank
‧ B&Q
‧ Continental Engineering Corp.
‧ FCB Marketing
‧ Yamaha Corp.
‧ The National Property Bureau
‧ Mass Mutual Mercuries Life
‧ Ching Win Publishing Group
‧ Lealea Group
‧ Pioneer
‧ Kuo Hua Life Insurance
‧ Panasonic Corp.
For your better laundry experience

Please contact us for your service requests. We also are glad to offer some free advice on how you can handle your clothing items with a little bit more love and care. When you need your clothes cleaned properly - Caldry is here for you. Contact us today to let the cleaning begin!

  Unit price
  Item Members Non-Members Premium Priority
A Men’s Shirts、Ties、Polo Shirts、T-Shirts $ 60 $ 70 $ 120 $ 120
B Blouse、Pants、Skirts、Light Sweater $ 80 $ 100 $ 160 $ 160
C Suit Jacket、Jackets、Jacket Vest、 Duvet Cover、Bed Sheets、Mattress Protector $ 140 $ 165 $ 280 $ 280
D Short Coat、Short Dress、Down Vest、 Synthetic Leather Pants & Skirts 、 Pleated Skirts、GORE-TEX $ 170 $ 195 $ 340 $ 340
E Down Jacket、Synthetic Leather Jacket、 Long Coat、Long Dress $ 250 $ 275 $ 500 $ 500
F Blankets、Synthetic Leather Coat、Down Coat $ 280 $ 320 $ 560 $ 560
G Hats、Shoes、Stuffed Animal/Toy Down Duvet、Wools Comforter、 Silk Comforter、Silk Blanket(Dryclean)、 Curtain、Sofa Cover、Carpet Rugs、 Leather Jackets、Leather Purse/Hangbags


☆ Membership: Prepay $1,000 NTD for a member price.
☆ Shirts/Polo shirts/T-shirts if needs to fold will be charged $10 NTD.
☆ Cleaning the pillow case from $20 NTD/per.
☆ Priority: Require 1 business day.
☆ Advanced Materials and Special Clothes and Special Stains require additional charges.
  Shop front information
California Dryclean
Address(Nanjing):No.19, Ln.59, Sec.5, Nanjing E. Rd., Songshan District,Taipei City, 10571 Taiwan
Address(101):Room I, 35F, No.7, Sec.5, Xinyi Rd., Xinyi District, Taipei City, 11049 Taiwan

TEL:+886 (2) 2747-5585
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